Healthcare – Pharma

MOFapps have founded a separate group of specialists, concentrated at MOFHealth AS to explore and industrialize applications in the pharma and healthcare sector. MOFs are ideal substances to act as carriers and transport devices for pharmaceutically active substances and contrast media. Some MOF materials are suited to release substances controlled over time or by a trigger impulse immediately.

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Healthcare – Aseptic solutions

MOFs can be designed to optimize aseptic wound dressings and plasters and to accelerate the blood clotting process, this is essential for first aid care as well as for special wound dressing for burned skin, or deep wounds.

Healthcare – Cosmetic solutions

MOFs can be optimized as carriers for fragrances , flavourings or pigments which opens a wide range of potential applications from long lasting perfumes to improved sunscreen lotions or creams.

More Applications:
Gas Storage-Protection-Heat Exchanging